Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Search for Dr. Burro

The trial was a fiasco. I am stunned Darien was not able to testify, but considering all else that happened I should be thankful he was not smashed to the floor and carried off to be made into cat food. Likewise, I am also relieved I was not called as a witness. The very act of establishing my identity would have been difficult in and of itself, if not dangerous.

The Labs received a parcel from a Mr. Headburro Antfarm, Esq. It contains the journal of Dr. Headonious Burro, a learned associate of mine from Miskatonic University. The journal was recovered from the shore of Mr. Antfarm's property. It contains a desperate plea for my aid, gone for some twenty years unheard.*

My first trip must be to meet Mr. Antfarm, to find out what research he may have found.

In the meantime I have authorized for Darien's release from Tamrannoch Sanitorium. There seems to be more trouble brewing in this community.

*The Journal's last date is 1909, however the lack of a common calendar among Grid Nations (aside from the Absolute Linden Time which most island nations ignore out of community pride and general disdain for the policies of those reality-engineers) means we must use algorithm just to convert the Miskatonic Valley calendar dates to Steelhead dates.


  1. Dear Dr Mason. The Elder. I’m pleased to hear the journal reached you safe and sound (although both safe and sound may be a poor choice of words for matters such as these) as my trained carrier crab has never had to deliver so far away from home before.

    I’d be delighted to meet up and discuss the journal. Maybe you’d like to come to my small island? Maybe there would be some way of determining (from weather patterns and currents and such and so forth, etc. and so on) where the journal came from and where the Leviathan is to be found? Also I’d be delighted to show you the standing stones and deserted camp from a wrecked sailor some 70 (or 18) years ago. The stones are most queer, you know. They glow when touched. Hmm, anyhoo, I hope to see you soon.

  2. Please hurry home, Mr. Sawyer! I am rather anxious without you there at night. Be safe, please.