Thursday, May 7, 2009

Esau: Shallow Victory

I was willing to believe that Marcus was defeated, but for the fact that Sword of the Blood Wing Knight vanished along with his remains during the distraction is cause for alarm. What is most disturbing is that the exact nature of the sword's enchantments have been lost to history. Ash tells me that all records of the Blood Wing Knight (obviously a previous recipient of the Curse)were destroyed by the Founder himself. We do still possess the armor. Straight off we can tell it was not forged from metals native to this plane.

With most of the Mason family at hand to assist, we have transferred Darien's brain into what was left of his body, with some additional surplus. Regretfully, his mind has failed to adapt. He is convinced his delusions are real, and any who disbelieve them are in fact delusions themselves.

I am not surprised that he refuses to believe I am his father. By the time I decanted him and his brother, most of the man I was had drowned in that insidious compound. That realization does not lessen the anguish in any manner.

In this state he is still a danger to himself and others. We have no choice but to isolate him until he recovers. We have telegraphed Mr. Fourway. Tamrannoch Sanitorium will have a new Resident.

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  1. Oh, Jeremiah! If there is anything that I might do to help, please let me know.